It’s absolutely amazing, all the smiles and laughter that you can see in the pictures – beats all the crying and tears that our family has endured in the last three years.”              
Tara Allen
"The time we were able to spend together that weekend will be cherished forever. Our family is truly grateful to Moments for making it possible for us to escape the daily routines, have fun together, and make new memories that will last a lifetime."
The Family of Carol Brackett
"It was a wonderful gift and we are grateful."
The family of Lisa Ward
"We have had an amazing day.  Everything has come together quite smoothly...  Thank you sooo much!! "
The Peterson family
"We are extremely thankful to the MOMENTS by Mutti committe for selecting our family in their inaugural year."
 Jim Burkhart
"Thank you so much... help(ed) us through the worst week of our lives."
The family of Lisa Ward
"Thank you to the MOMENTS by Mutti organization and the community members who made the trip possible."
The family of Carol Brackett
"I would like to say thank you to all the businesses and people that donated to MOMENTS by Mutti, that made this possible for our family..."
Tara Allen
"It will be hard hard to express our gratitutde for the expreience MOMENTS by Mutti gace our family. It was certainly something we would have never been able to do without your fenerosity. Thank you, thank you, thank you... a thousand times."
The family of Gia Samuels
"Wow!! What a fantastic weekend!! We had a great time...  We cannot thank you enough for everything!"
The family of Gabe Peterson
"Through this organization, we were able to focus on our family not the cancer... being able to be carefree for a few days definitely helped all of regenerate in order to contine the battle."
The Burkart Family
"We appreciate it! 'Thank you' does not seem like enough."
The family of Walter "Bud" Rodgers